15 July 2013

Starwalk 2013 ( Back To June )

Another post for the month. This is also a short post as same as the previous post but the slightly different in the month. This post happening in the month of June and it is the only happening for me in the month of June.

On the 16th of June, it was Father's Day and I had attended Starwalk 2013. As usual, I participated for the walk in non-competition category. But the different for this year is my cousins joined with me too. Furthermore, all of my friends didn't join this year walk due to there are all around Malaysia states for their university studies. Therefore, I saw none of my friends.

Just like previous years, I came and reached stadium early in the morning for registration and gather. Then, I walked the whole 8 kilometers journey alone since none of my friends attended. In addition, I lost my cousin in the half way journey due to my fast walk and their slow motion. After the run, got myself a certificate and waited for the lucky draw.

This year sponsorships weren't that much. Just a few companies sponsor but I'm look into the gold, silver and some electronic gadgets. But after my first year joining got a prize in lucky draw, it seem my lucky angel wasn't at my side. End up with empty handed again. No Father's Day present for my dad as I thought can give my dad a gold coin as Father's Day gift.

That all for today.
Finally, update all the delayed post.
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14 July 2013

Mom Birthday

Since I got mood to update my blog, I gonna update it as much posts as I can. So that, I won't delay my posts. If not, I will keep delaying it until don't know when can I finish update it due to my laziness. Another updates of the day and it will be a short one.

On the 24th of May, I had a simple celebration for my mom. It is my mom's birthday. We had a simple dinner birthday celebration in Kok Thai Restaurant. I also bought my mom a birthday cake as a present. After dinner, we had family shopping around Jusco Kinta City or now renamed it as Aeon Kinta City.

In addition, on that day was Wesak Day. I always remembered my parents' birthday easily because my mom's birthday always fall on the same day of Wesak Day and my dad's birthday always a day earlier than my birthday. Funny right? Haha..

That's all for now.
Later should be update another short post.
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Penang Trip ( Back to May )

Back again in blogging after lazying for a month. There are still plenty of posts that I yet to update. Here am I update a post about a trip during my May semester break with my university mates on the 10th till 13th of May. We went to two of our friends hometown, that is Penang.

On the first day, I joined and met with my friends in Ipoh railway station since we decided to take train to Penang. Three of my friends took the train from Kampar railway station and as the train stopped in Ipoh, I joined them. In coincidence, I met my form six friend, Jessica Tan taking the same train as mine to Penang too.

Nearly 3 hours train, finally we reach our stop, Nibong Tebal. There we met our friend, Teik Siah, our tour guide for our trip. First thing first, we went to Tambun Inn Hotel to put our belonging and take a rest. After that, we had our first destination Batu Musang Complex Jetty to see the view of Penang first and second bridges. 

Then, we went to Auto-City to have our dinner and shop around there. Next destination was Sunway Carnival Mall. We shop until the mall close. Later, we thought of having our Penang most popular Char Kuey Teow as our supper but something happen along our journey that make our plan cancelled and back to our hotel as our night.

The second day, we woke up late for the day and had our brunch in Jawi. After our brunch, we straight went into Penang Island and start our journey touring around Penang Island. First stop, Batu Ferringhi. We had a short view on the beach area in Penang. Next stop, Gurney Plaza. We took most our time there walking around. 

Then, we went to Batu Kawan Stadium to drop my friends, Chee Poh, Mathew Tiong and CAT *mystery guy that cannot name him* for the demonstrate gathering while me followed Teik Siah to his house and his sister's house for the open house since I don't want to join for the demonstrate. *cut short the story for second day as we just wasted the day by traffic jamming for about three hours to fetch my friends from the stadium back to the hotel*

Three day, it is Mother's Day. Actually, we planned for three days two nights trip but we extended a day because we yet to satisfy ourselves in the trip as we have a place yet to go. Therefore, during the three day, we went back to Penang Island after our brunch to search for a very popular place that it is a must for tourists and visitors to visit when they come to Penang. It was the Streets Arts.

After taking photos with those streets arts, it is time for dinner. We went back to mainland and had my favorite "Lobak" (deep fried minced pork roll wrapped in beancurd sheet) as my dinner and a must eat when come to Penang. Then, we went to Teik Siah's grandma house to have Penang homemade steamboat. But on that time, we are quite full as we just had our dinner. Therefore, we just ate a bit and that the end of the day.

The next day, is time for us to back to our own hometown. Chee Poh and Mathew Tiong took bus back to Johor while me took train back to Ipoh as for CAT and Teik Siah are Penang lang (peple in hokkien). Special thanks to Teik Siah as our tour guide, took us tour around with your car and treat us so many foods and drinks in Penang. As for CAT, really nothing to say to him because asked him to plan the trip but end up to Teik Siah but I really enjoy the trip.

*The most wasted moment is we didn't take a group photos*  >.<"

20 June 2013

A Night Of Double Joy ( Back to April )

So fast the year of 2013 had enter into the half year period. The month of June. I am still delaying my updates into my blog because of my laziness. Well, this is maybe because I don't have the intention to update it. But today, I have and it will be a short post.

On the13th of April, I attended my school event called A Night Of Double Joy. It was a combination of my school drama and talentime together. This year school drama was a bit short due to the time constraint with the combination of talentime. The school drama of 2013 was The Lion King live on stage in SMI. It was nice and enjoyable to watch live but it was too short for the storyline because some parts were cut due to time constraint.

After the drama, the hall condition changed into talentime mood. Singing and dancing by talented Michaelian is a must for talentime performances. We audiences had the chance to vote for the best performance for the night with the vote tickets in our hands. Besides that, Michaelian Chinese Orchestra also took part for the talentime performance. Last but not least, my favorite and beloved Michaelian Military Band that rocked the night with some popular songs and put an end for the night.

That all for now.
Still had another post to update about my trip.
Stay tuned for it.

22 May 2013

University of Malaya Trip

Back blogging again after few days of my laziness. This post is about the happening in the month of April. As the title above stated, on the 5th of April, I joined a learning trip to University of Malaya (UM) organized by my university, UTAR Business Administration Society. It is my first time joining trip in my university life with my new friends and buddies in Kampar.

We reached UM around 9 am and attended a four hours long talks named " How To Invest Like An Idiot and Trade Like A Pro " by Financial Youth Intelligence (FYI). The talk was boring for the first session but the second session was interesting and fun. The speakers of the seminar are Benny Lee and Jonathan Quek.

After the seminar, we had our lunch and next agenda was campus tour. Touring around UM is what I'm waiting for. First place was UM Cultural Art Museum. Three stories full of different cultural arts. Then, we sat in the bus and tour around UM. We stopped at a new block of UM and went inside to UM Art Gallery. It was a big hall full of different kind of drawing arts.

After introducing and touring around UM, our agenda in UM ends but the trip wasn't end yet. Our next stop is Berjaya Times Square. People always said " Study Hard, Play Hard ". Our trip also the same. After a learning session in the morning until afternoon, in the evening until night session is our shopping and hang out time. But it only last for three hours because we need to go back to Kampar on the same day as it was just a day trip.

Actually, the aim I'm joining this trip is to tour around UM and hang out with my friends and buddies in Berjaya Times Square. Although it was just three hours, we also enjoy our trip happily. Really thanks to the UTAR Business Administration organizer community members.

That's all for now.
Will update about my school drama soon.
Stay tuned for it.

15 May 2013

My Birthday ( Back to March )

The month of March, is my month because my birthday fall on this month. This year, I didn’t have any celebration for me like previous years that I have my buddies celebrating with me since all of my buddies are all over the states of Malaysia to further their studies in university and one friends of mine in India.

Things that still the same are the wishes from facebook friends and my birthday celebration with my family. My birthday fall on Wednesday and it was a study day for me in my university. My family purposely came down from Ipoh to Kampar to meet me and have a simple dinner celebration with me.

Since my birthday and my dad’s birthday are near, so we decided to celebrate together. This year, my cousin also had the chance to join the celebration since her also in Kampar. We had our dinner in one of restaurant in Kampar and cake as a dessert. It was my happy day to meet with my family and my stomach fully fills on that night.

Although this year I can’t celebrate with my buddies, I got a surprise call from India and it was my buddy, Ivan Tan. A call from oversea is very expensive but it is very happy to get the call and wishes from my buddies and friends. Besides that, I had a supper celebration with my Kampar friends that on the time of twelve midnight. They knocked my door and wished me. Then, they brought me to KFC and had our supper and chat time together happily.

That all for my birthday post.
Later, another post will be updated.
Stay tuned for it.

Chinese New Year ( Back to February )

After a January post, now comes to the month of February. Nothing much happening around the month except Chinese New Year. Still the same like the previous years, celebrating my Chinese New Year in Genting Highland again since the past few years.

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Genting Highland had just a new trend since the past four or five years ago. This is because of the fireworks and firecrackers displays. Since I every year will be going there once, I felt a bit boring already. So, I didn't go for Indoor or Outdoor Theme Park to play.

I just went to Genting Highland to watch movies in the First World Cineplex, played bowling and watched ten to fifteen minutes of fireworks displays that blurred due the mist for my whole three days two nights trip.

Day two of Chinese New Year, still the same for the previous years, having family reunion dinner in my grandma house. All my mom side relatives will be gather together gamble and happily chat around. Of course not forgetting the red packets (angpau).

Day three of Chinese New Year, I went to my buddy, Ivan Tan's house to attend his Chinese New Year open house. Beside me, there are many bunch of my buddies attended the open house. Very happy to meet all my buddies and gather together. Chat and gamble around are the event of the night. Every smile and laughter really made the night to remember.

That all for today.
Tomorrow will update again.
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