15 July 2013

Starwalk 2013 ( Back To June )

Another post for the month. This is also a short post as same as the previous post but the slightly different in the month. This post happening in the month of June and it is the only happening for me in the month of June.

On the 16th of June, it was Father's Day and I had attended Starwalk 2013. As usual, I participated for the walk in non-competition category. But the different for this year is my cousins joined with me too. Furthermore, all of my friends didn't join this year walk due to there are all around Malaysia states for their university studies. Therefore, I saw none of my friends.

Just like previous years, I came and reached stadium early in the morning for registration and gather. Then, I walked the whole 8 kilometers journey alone since none of my friends attended. In addition, I lost my cousin in the half way journey due to my fast walk and their slow motion. After the run, got myself a certificate and waited for the lucky draw.

This year sponsorships weren't that much. Just a few companies sponsor but I'm look into the gold, silver and some electronic gadgets. But after my first year joining got a prize in lucky draw, it seem my lucky angel wasn't at my side. End up with empty handed again. No Father's Day present for my dad as I thought can give my dad a gold coin as Father's Day gift.

That all for today.
Finally, update all the delayed post.
Still got one new post to update when I'm free.
Stay tuned.

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